About Amini

As a two-time Olympian and NCAA All-American, Amini Fonua brings a wealth of international and collegiate experience to his private lessons.

Fonua's philosophy for achieving the best results in swimming is rooted in perfected technique.  A breaststroke specialist, Fonua believes the smallest technique changes, when adapted into everyday practice and turned into habit, can achieve great time drops and improvement.

After observing the casual swimming technique of his swimmers,  Fonua then utilizes his elaborate mental catalog of drills and skills, which are designed specifically for your personal swim stroke improvement.   

Along with his approachable, patient and encouraging personality, Fonua is one of the Bay Area's leading private swim instructors for swimmers all ages and levels.

Outside of the pool, Fonua is a health & nutrition expert with a strong passion to cooking.  Fonua enjoys educating people on the life-changing benefits of understanding the human gastrointestinal microbiome.