Swimming Lessons

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Lesson Goals

I’m a two-time Olympic swimmer teaching private swim lessons in the New York metropolitan area. My goal is to help guide parents and high-school swimmers achieve time drops that will improve their chances of being on a college swim team. Swimming is my lifelong passion, and I love helping hard working individuals reach their full competitive potential.

Utilizing both my Olympic and my Division I college experience (Texas A&M University), my main area of coaching expertise is technique improvement and racing preparation.

I believe the key to swimming fast is good technique with stroke efficiency, learning to control nerves under pressure, and being mentally prepared for racing.

I also teach learn-to-swim lessons for all ages, and low-impact lessons for those wanting workouts with less stress on joints.

Success Stories

The colleges I’ve helped swimmers attend are listed below:

  • Derrick Odom - Georgetown University, Washington D.C.

    • A former swimmer at Millennium Brooklyn High School

    • Time improvement after first lesson

    • Breaststroke technique improvement & racing strategy

  • Hayden Cutler - Senior at Burlingame High School (current)

    • Hopeful to attend USC

    • Time improvement after 2 lessons

    • All 4 strokes improvement & advised on swimming future

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