FAF SWAG Gave Me Life When I Needed It

FAF SWAG hosted their “Final Fantasy Ball” last night on Karangahape Road. I’ve always wanted to go to a FAF SWAG ball. They always looked like so much fun on social media! The location was 145 and the competition was fierce. I witnessed the “House of Coven” take out the best house trophy while the “House of Iman” was a very worthy runner-up.

After the tragic events of Friday, this was what my soul needed. I needed to be in a room full of Queer POCs working the runway and striking a pose. I needed to see death drops, vogue dips, and all the workings of magic these entertainers create with their hypnotic bodies.

Even in the darkest of days, we must find ways to radiate love and light. In art we find catharsis. This Britney Spears Final Fantasy wig reveal to vogue dip restored my soul with some much needed joie de vivre. I hope it does for you too: